An Easier Way to Clean Your Clothes

Dryz is a technology company that aims to simplify the mundane task of cleaning clothes. Whether for dry cleaning or wash-and-fold laundry, our goal is to deliver superior quality and door-to-door convenience with a smile.

Our company was founded by industry veterans in on-demand consumer logistics. By combining mobile and web technology with the best-in-class cleaning facilities, we guarantee your satisfaction.

Dryz is currently available in Sydney and Melbourne, and will be expanding rapidly to other locales across Australia. Send us an email with your post code if you'd like to be notified when we launch in your city.

Best In Class Quality

Our facilities are managed by dry clean industry veterans, who average 15 - 20 years of cleaning experience. We regularly conduct on-site audits of our operations and processes to ensure that quality is always consistent and nothing slips through the cracks. Trust us, you’re in good hands.

More Eco-Friendly

We use an advanced, bio-degradable cleaning technology which uses zero harmful petrochemicals. This process not only cleans better, but breaks down into natural compounds that can be recycled safely into the ground.

We also built an intelligent logistics platform that allows us to combine orders whenever possible, significantly reducing the carbon footprints of our Dryvers and our customers.

Get in Touch

Have any questions, concerns, or feedback for us? Shoot us an a email at or call 1300 354 388 to speak with someone on our Customer Satisfaction team.