Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dryz and how does it work?

Dryz is an on-demand dry cleaning and laundry service. Our Dryvers will pick up and drop off your items at a time and place that’s convenient for you, and the cleaning is usually done within a day.

Even with the convenience of door-to-door service and best-in-class quality, our prices are often cheaper than going to a dry-cleaner.

How can I use Dryz?

To try Dryz, simply download our mobile app available for iOS and Android or sign up on our website. Once you have created an account, your first Dryz is only minutes away!

Where is Dryz available?

Check our service map to see if Dryz is available in your area. We’re looking to expand quickly so shoot us a note ( if we're currently not there to let us know where you'd like service.

How much does it cost and how do I pay?

You can find our pricing here. When you create an account, you are asked to set up a payment profile with a credit or debit card - but you won't be charged until we drop off your finished order!

In some cases, custom pricing may be necessary for special items that require more time and attention. The additional fees reflect the extra cost for us to properly care for your garment the right way.

Can you pick up and drop off at different locations?

Absolutely - we default the drop off to your selected pick up address but you can choose a different drop off location as long as it's within our service area.

Can you pick up or drop off with my office manager or door man?

Yes, we will generally honour those requests. However, please keep in mind that we cannot be responsible for any damage, theft, or loss that might occur before the order is picked up or after the order is dropped off.

Can I use Dryz if I'm staying at a hotel?

Absolutey - using Dryz is much mmore economical than getting your dry clean or laundry done through your hotel. We charge a $10 Hotel Service fee because it actually costs us more than twice as much to access hotels, but that should still be a way better deal for you than using the hotel's laundry service.

What are your hours of operations?

Currently we work Monday through Saturday from 10am to 10pm. However, keep in mind that not all time slots may be available throughout a particular day as some may already have been reserved. When you place an order in the Dryz app or here on our website, you will see the available time slots for the given day that you selected.

How soon can I get my garments back?

Depending on when we pick up your items, we can usually get everything back to you by the following day (except Saturday pick ups which are ready on Monday since we take Sunday off).

Also, in the case where you have an item that requires extra attention, it may take longer to finish as we want to give it the best treatment possible. In those situations, we’ll be in touch shortly after picking up the order to let you know if extra time is needed.

Can I change the pick up or drop off time after I place an order?

If your order has not been picked up yet, you can simply cancel that order and place a new one - please keep in mind that Dryver availability may have changed in the interim. (Pro tip: you can place multiple orders at any given time, so it may be easier to place a new order first with your desired time.)

After your order is picked up, you can still change the drop off location and time using the app or site. Simply pull up your existing order from the settings menu and tap the Drop Off Location or Drop Off Time to update.

Who does the actual cleaning?

Our goal is to give you the best customer experience possible - and for that reason, we only work with the best in the business. Our facilities are run by industry veterans why have been in dry cleaning for multiple generations, and we use the latest in sustainable, eco-friendly cleaning technology to ensure the highest quality results. Trust us, we care about how your clothes turn out even more than you do.

For laundry orders, do you sort by colour?

Our Clean Team can definitely sort your Wash & Fold order by colour, but ONLY if you instruct us to do so through the Order Notes (or an email to our Support Team). This is for privacy reasons and also to confirm that you give permission for your order to be split into multiple wash loads, each of which is subject to the 3 kilogram load minimum. The load minimum allows us to wash your items by themselves, without mixing with those from another customer.

Is using Dryz really more eco-friendly?

Absolutely! A big part of the reason we’re so excited to grow Dryz is because of the beneficial implications for our environment. For example, our facilities use a type of cleaning agent that is designed to not only be gentler on fabrics (no petrochemicals), but also break down into natural compounds so it can be recycled with no degradation or harm to the environment.

Furthermore, by streamlining logistics around multiple orders, we are reducing the overall carbon footprint of the industry as a whole. Just think, instead of many people driving around to get their dry cleaning done, Dryz accomplishes the same thing with much less energy consumption and harmful emissions.

What if something is damaged during cleaning?

We take pride in striving to deliver the best possible dry cleaning and laundry services. With that said, even the best garments can be subject to normal wear and tear, which can lead to “damage” in the cleaning process.

We follow the guidelines laid out by the Drycleaning Institute of Australia (“DIA”) with respect to damage that can result from normal wear and tear or the effects of the laundering process, as outlined in section C.2 of the Fair Claims Guide as issued by the DIA.

For example, these include, but are not limited to: fabric shrinkage from repeated laundering; colour fading or discolouration from chemicals in deodorant, perfumes, and other personal items that were applied prior to Dryz receiving the items; separation of bonded layers or other decorative material.

Garments that are already flawed or damaged (slight tears, loose buttons, etc.) upon pick up may also incur additional damage during cleaning that we cannot be responsible for. Items placed in an Wash & Fold order that should not go through a standard wash and dry cycle will be done at the your own risk. Please inspect your own garments carefully, and do not include any items into Wash & Fold that requires hand washing, line or air drying, or dry cleaning, as we cannot be responsible for any resulting damage.

If you believe an item was damaged outside of the above scope, please contact us at within 5 days with a description and digital photo of the damage. We reserve the right to assess the damage, including inspecting the item at our facilities, and may offer to restore the item, or reimburse you by paying up to 10 times the cost of cleaning that item, not to exceed $100 in total. The reimbursement amount is solely determined by Dryz. If you feel unsatisfied for any reason, you may lodge a dispute through the DIA.

What happens if one of my items goes missing?

We go through a rigorous process to ensure that all items are properly tracked and accounted for after each order is picked up. Although it is a rare occurrence, if you are missing items, we will do our best to locate them within our vehicles and facilities. In order to facilitate a search if necessary, we require all missing items to be reported within 48 hours after the order is dropped off, after which we may take up to 5 business days to recover your items.

If we are unable to recover your item and you can demonstrate that this item had been picked up by a Dryver and was subsequently lost in the process prior to our dropping off the completed order, we will work with you to determine the appropriate replacement value, up to 10 times the cost of cleaning that item, not to exceed $100 in total. Again, when possible, we always try to adhere strictly to the guidelines laid out by the DIA for missing items.