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An Easier Way to Clean Your Clothes

Premium Dry Cleaning Available in Fitzroy That Comes to you

Our mobile team is always on hand to pop by on laundry day and take that mountain of clothing off your hands. Don’t forgo Sunday fun-day just because you have literally nothing left to wear come work on Monday. Our dry cleaning and laundry specialists in Fitzroy can pick up the slack and do all of the hard work for you! Just download our app, complete a few taps of the screen and our team will endeavour to get out to at your pre-selected pickup time. From there, we’ll take your clothing to our state-of-the-art facility where we will complete a thorough clean, and return everything to you often in under a day. What could be easier?

Turn that cleaning time into leisure time

It’s understandable that when you have limited time, the last thing you want to be doing all day is cleaning. Completing your laundry in particular can take quite a while, especially if you’ve got multiple loads. Then of course there is the hanging, ironing, folding and sorting that you have to consider as well. Overall, you could be spending a good chunk of your morning or afternoon getting all you and your family’s washing in order. When you pile this on top of all your other obligations and duties, you rarely have anytime left to relax and socialise. This is the advantage our service aims to provide, offering our Fitzroy clients fast and reliable dry cleaning and laundry that maximises flexibility and convenience for our clients. We also offer our services throughout Melbourne, take a look at our service map above for more information.

An eco-friendly approach

All of our cleaning products are environmentally friendly as we take great strides to ensure we minimise our impact on our planet. Additionally, due to our refined logistics processes, we have been able to limit our time on the roads by combining orders, effectively lowering our carbon footprint as much as possible. When you choose Dryz, you’re choosing a greener way to clean.

For more information on our laundry cleaning team in Fitzroy, contact us on Account & Billing. We’re here to help!