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An Easier Way to Clean Your Clothes

No Hassle in or around the CBD

Even with a wash and dryer in your apartment, doing lots of laundry can be a pain. Luckily for anyone living in the CBD or surrounding neighborhoods, Dryz will come to your apartment (or work) and take care of your dry clean or washing loads for you. With convenient pick up times extending to 9pm and even on Saturdays we can cater to the busiest of professionals.

Why Dryz?

Everything about us is mobile. You book and manage your orders through our mobile app or right here on our website, order updates and ETA notifications via SMS, and all payment is handled securely through our backend payment processor. Getting your laundry or dry cleaning done just turned into a 15 second job!

Takin care of the environment

We wanted to build a service that not only provided a great deal of value, but was also not harmful for the planet. Using the latest in green cleaning technology, Dryz is able to give you the best quality cleaning without using any harmful petrochemicals. Our smart logistics platform means we are actually reducing everyone’s carbon footprint by creating less trips to the laundrette and dry cleaners.

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