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An Easier Way to Clean Your Clothes

St Kilda’s Mobile Dry Cleaning Experts

There’s a reason most people don’t enjoy doing laundry. It can be time consuming and tedious work and is normally done on the weekend when you’d much rather be out and enjoying the same sunshine (which you’re using instead to dry your clothes). There are many dry cleaning services available, but most require you to set aside time to drive to their location to drop off and pick up your clothes. If you’re under the pump, don’t resort to flipping your undies insides out to last another week, allow Dryz to offer their mobile dry cleaning service within St Kilda to take care of everything for you.

How does Dryz work?

With just a few simple taps on your phone, our sophisticated and streamlined app can book one of our dry cleaners to pick up your order from your home, wash everything at our facility and drop it all back off to the same or a different address. We pick up the slack when you don’t have time to and give you your free time back to enjoy the things you love doing most.

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We are also available within Fitzroy, South Melbourne, Toorak, Prahran and throughout the CBD. Take a look at our map for a full listing of our service areas or give us a call at Account & Billing for an obligation free quote.